The beginning of my to do list…

So today I posted my 1st goal for my 29th year of life–to be kind.  It really should be something that I have been working on but up until recently I would not say that I have been the kindest of people.  It is not an easy thing to do especially because I, I don’t dare say we as to not offend anyone out there, but I am always so wrapped up in all of my daily routines, things I have to do, things I want to do but can’t find the time, and between work, school, watching my niece and nephew and all of my complaining I forget that anyone out there even exists.  It is a horrible thing and I fully admit that at times I am more than a little self-absorbed but c’est la vie!  What can you do?  So as I drove in my car today to school I decided that being kind was a good thing to aspire for–to think of others and to think outside myself.  So on the list–Be Kind!

I am actually happy that I have started this blog 2 months prior to my 29th birthday because I think it will give me the time I need to actually reflect on deeper goals.  Don’t get me wrong I will have plenty of goals listed that hold no deep-rooted life changing meaning or effect but I like that I have the time to think of at least a few really good, character-changing goals.


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