Today marks the…

Today marks the eve of my 29th birthday!  Looking back I cannot say that I have ever had any idea of where I thought I should have been at this point in my life.  I don’t think that I veer really thought I would make it to this age I guess.  My life always seemed like some romantic tragedy–I wasn’t intended on living this long, or so I always thought.  Maybe at the time it was wishful thinking on my part at that time in my life.  

It wasn’t really until the last few recent years that I began to realize that I was not going anywhere, and that the likelihood of my life being cut short by some external force was slim.  This may sounds morbid, but I never looked at myself long term.  And it is not that I did not want to live longer, but it was that I didn’t think it would be meant to be.  

So in the recent years, I have just began to think of myself as a person who will age well into the future.  I began to think about what I wanted accomplished by certain ages and milestones.  This is a good thing I think because I cannot really be disappointed at the fact that I am not where I see many of my friends–married and with kids.  I want these things and I want them sooner rather than later, but I cannot be upset or disillusioned that I have not attained them as of yet.  I have done many other things that having children and a family would not have permitted me to have done.

Now, at the eve of this last year in my 20’s I see a future filled with hope, energy and fulfillment.  It is bright and beckoning to me, meanwhile the door to my past has been firmly closed, locked and the key has been put somewhere that I cannot recall.  I didn’t throw it away because I may need to refer back occasionally throughout my life and remind myself of where I was and what I have become as a result and how it has shaped me into who I am today.  

I am excited to live up this year and enjoy all of the new things and old things I shall encounter.  I feel more energized than ever and cannot wait to take on my goals head on.  I am determined to be accomplished, not that I am not, but more so, and I am determined to keep everything in perspective and stay positive

Time flies so quickly and I cannot believe that tomorrow is my birthday already…


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