Food for Thought…


The human race is a peculiar species.  We live in lies and fears caused by our lies, and not so much lies to others, but more so to ourselves.  We deny our true inner most feelings.  We negate what we feel because it goes against what we think we want.  We try to unthink ideas because they are said to be socially unacceptable.

In the many species, excluding the human species, only truth is conveyed.  There are no lies to hide behind nor any hidden thoughts or feelings.  What is felt is conveyed and not subdued.

The human race is the only species that battles with issues of trust.  It is something that can be gained and one that is easily lost.  If it is lost it is difficult to reacquire.  When someone loses trust in another they cannot believe anything the other does and everything seems like a lie, or some type of secret, even if the other person is telling the truth and being loyal.  The person whom has no trust in the other cannot see this though and can only see the reflection of what they feel inside of them, leading to jealousy, resentment and hatred.  The only reason this person feels this way is because they deny their innermost feelings of this distrust.  They fake their trust and make believe that they have trust for the other person because they want to be with that person.  They become jealous and resentful but do not understand from where these sentiments emerge.  If they would only learn to free themselves from their own lies and acknowledge the source of their pain, they would then be free from these negative feelings toward the other person.  Their sheer selfishness of wanting the person in their lives would no longer run their lives and make them fabricate lies in their heads, and instead they would be able to relinquish to the fact that they do not trust the person, and since they do not trust the person, no matter how much they want to be with that person, they cannot be.  To be with them without having faith in them is cheating themselves of peace of mind and happiness.

Without trust, there cannot be love.


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