The list of what I hope to experience/do…


I have many goals that I want to accomplish in life so it is really kind of difficult when you have to think of goals that you would like to experience and carry out over just a year span.  I guess I can look at this compilation of items as a list of things I want to begin to do, therefore it is a list of things that I would like to have as new habits per se.  Of course there are some items which once done are done, but for those more conceptual and healthy items on this list, I think it would be best for me to try and follow through on them.  Better a late start than never!

Goal # 1: Be kind

I state this as my number 1 item on this list because I have come to the realization of many things lately.  Mostly, I have realized that I should be in a constant state of gratitude and be thankful for all I have.  Being in school again has opened my eyes to the many disparities that surround us all–of course, some more than others.  I just think that at this point in my life, when I think about how I would like people to talk about me and remember me, I would like people to say that I was a very kind person.  I think kindness today is highly overlooked, and this is easily done.  I have been many things in my life, but kind has not been at the forefront.  We all have it rough but it is important to remember the cliché that for every person that has things better, someone has it worse.  I think it is important to add also that for every person that has it better than you, they may have other life conditions which are worst than yours.  Happiness is a state of mind and who has it better or worst is all based on perceptions and what you as a person interpret as better or worse off.  This is why I think that being kind is an important habit to become accustomed to.  It is never hard to give a little bit of yourself to another.  The hard part is not expecting anything in return.  I want to perform random acts of kindness to and for everyone I know, but especially for people I do not know because than the expectation of receiving something in exchange is unrealistic.  Chances are you will never see that person again, but just the thought of being able to put a smile on someone else’s face, change their perspective for the day or just lighten their mood should be repayment enough.  Yes, this is a selfish goal because it is all in effort to make me feel better about myself, but I don’t think anything is wrong with a selfish goal as long as you can help others along the way.

Goal #2:

Knit a scarf

Goal #3

Do one of those photo a day, week or month projects

Goal #4

Sew myself a piece of clothing that I would actually wear

Goal #5

Begin writing one of my many books–at least start…

Goal #6

Try something new each month–A list of these will be created at a later date (can you tell I love lists!)

Goal # 7

Create a piece of art worthy of hanging in my house one day

Goal #8

Every week write down 3 things that I am thankful for and do not repeat a single item–I will list these on the blog as well

Goal #9

Volunteer somewhere

Goal #10

Wake up early enough every morning to do something for myself 1st before I go out into the workforce and do anything for anyone else.  Even if that means I just give myself enough time to enjoy a cup of coffee in the yard in the morning.

Goal #11

Learn to play the piano

Goal #12

Participate in a race of some sort

Goal #13

Go see a movie alone

Goal #14

Get my math and science endorsement

Goal # 15

Be present…


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